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    Zach's Convertible is Zach Dempsey's main source of transportation in the series. It is a 2013 silver Audi S5 Cabriolet convertible.


The only important role of Zach's car in the series is the damage it takes from Clay Jensen; who, in Season 2 keys "WHY ME?" into the passenger side door as a way to get the attention of Zach himself and the other characters responsible for Hannah's death.


Although it does not play an important role throughout the series, it is seen fairly frequently. Zach is usually driving himself and often his friends around from different locations such as school. It is a symbol for the wealth that Zach and his family have. In fact, Skye Miller comments on this, right before Clay keys the side of it. She mentions how spoiled Zach must be for his father to buy him an Audi for his first car.

In (either Season 2 or Season 3), Jessica Davis and Alex Standall don't feel like staying at school for the day but don't have a ride to ditch with, so they ask Zach to borrow his car, who hesitantly agrees. The two joyride through Evergreen county and drive it to the beach and back.

In Season 4, Zach allows Clay to test drive his car in the outskirts of the city. Clay is amazed by the car's power and speed, and when Zach encourages him to go faster, Clay dissociates, flooring the gas. As they approach a sharp turn, Zach panics and is able to snap Clay out if it, but its too late; the two of them drive over the road's steep shoulder and crash, leaving Zach's car totaled.




  • When Clay drives the car in Season 4, the seats are red leather instead of black.


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